Oliver Sudden is a quirky, mild-mannered individual who finds his life and career challenging. One day, it all became too much. He snapped and walked out from his job, permanently. This Blog is Oliver’s hilarious battle to regain his life.

Oliver is a very technical, logical person overwhelmingly left-brained, unorthodox and socially awkward. None of these bothers him in the slightest. He’s been that way forever, focussing on the technical and functional, blurring almost everything else. This was lucrative as his analytical and methodical skills were in considerable demand and afforded him a rewarding career in IT security. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last and his life began to crumble when, a new assignment went spectacularly wrong, resulting in a concussion, broken leg and data protection violation. He was fired and took on a less satisfying job.

Oliver’s life was beginning to unravel and he started to feel unsettled, like a kite in a storm waiting for the bolt of lightning. He didn’t have long to wait. Everything came to a head one challenging day.

March 10th started like any other day and nothing prepared Oliver for the events of the day or he would have stayed where he was, in bed. However, on this day, Oliver’s frustration with his life, career, a small explosion, false arrest for assault of a window cleaner, perplexing lodgers and a jobs-worth accountant finally proved too much for Oliver leading to his defining moment.

This Blog, written by this fictional character, is the story of his effort following ‘the day’ to find what to do with the rest of his life.

The period before the challenging day is documented in a short story ‘Oliver Sudden’s Defining Moment’. It is the hilarious short story of Oliver’s life leading up to 10th June and how everything changed in a split second. This is independent from the Blog but if you would like to read it please click below.


The above is a new edition of the short story with addition content. The following are the reviews from the first edition.

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Goodreads Review


The Short Story, Blog, all names, characters, and storyline portrayed are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), career stereotypes, places or events is intended.

However, Oliver himself is not entirely fictional and has more resemblance to myself than I would care to admit. Some of the stories in the Blogs are ones I have personal experience of and the storyline may be loosely based on this.

At the bottom of the first 24 blogs you can see if any of the blog is based on any real experience ‘True’ or a totally made up ‘False’. After blog 24, I don’t expect anyone to believe a word of it 🙂

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