Stress Busting, Walks and Dogs(OS039)

Pam’s on a mission at the moment as I’m a bit stressed due to ‘life’. I must admit that she’s come up with some good suggestions, which I blogged about and I’m feeling more positive. We’ve also adopted a dog Camile which has helped. She totally enjoys life and it’s hard to be down with her around. This week we stumbled across a great walk through a forest with a stream and water falls.

We chilled for a while, sitting on a log, whilst Camile made the most of the stream by running in and out of the water. Another dog, Maya joined Camile in the water. They raced around together and Maya went to chill in the calm water whilst Camile looked on Awsome day.

It gave me a chance to scrape the mud off my trainers and ring the water out of my socks. Pam, in her waterproof boots had none of these issues ; she practised her mindfulness as she took in the calmness of the green surroundings..

“There is no way you can be stressed here Oliver. Just look around you. I don’t know what it is but being in nature is good for stress busting.” Pam lectured. I’ve got loads of walking books back home. We should do some of those walks, when we return.

although this one looks good.

On the other hand, we may need this one.

I must admit, it sounds a great idea as none of my many issues had crossed my mind whilst on the walk. We may need a walk in France book though if I can’t return home.

“It’s not that bad Oliver. Don’t let your problems cancel out all the things you should be grateful for. Check out There’s a podcast about gratitude.”

I’ve also noticed that you’re more down after listening to the news. You’re exposing yourself to such negativity.  I’ve stopped watching the news every day. Many of my friends have. It’s all bad and then it’s repeated over and over again. There is good news out there though.”

“Anyway, I’ve decided wat we should do. I’ll buy a Chateau, you know like on the TV, ‘Escape to the Chateau.” announced Pam.

I was dumbfounded. I mean; what do we use for money?

“My Dad will fund it as long as I have a business plan. We could convert it as a wedding venue. I could run de-stress weekends for burn outs like yourself. Joking.”

I was concerned about the ‘we’. We are not a ‘we’. We are just two people thrown together by circumstances. A temporary situation. Pam spotted my confusion and said that it’s a business venture nothing more.

“I’ll do the DIY and marketing. You can do the cooking, cleaning of the rooms, set up the venue, sort out the garden.” she suggested.

“I could do the garden but I’m no chef and when I clean it’s not hotel clean but Oliver clean. Anyway, what am I talking about? I’ve got a house in the UK, albeit a partly wrecked house.”

“I don’t need your answer now. This afternoon will do.”

I think she was joking.

“Oh by the way Oliver, I bought you this.” said Pam handing me a package of stress balls with messages on like ‘take a deap breath’. I did.

“Thanks Pam. I’ll give them a go.”

The truth is, I was still stunned from the discussion, I got back to the campervan and we set off to Caen.

“Look Oliver, there’s a chateau.” Said Pam excitedly.

It was an impressive building but definitely a castle, not a chateau. It was huge but it did say Chateau De Caen outside. I’m sure she was winding me up suggesting I ask if it’s for sale. I didn’t. We had a full day looking round Caen including the awesome cathedral. The inside was vast and calm despite all the tourists. We stayed a while until my phone broke the silence at which point, I rushed out for fear of breaking the atmosphere.

It was Mum who proceeded with the update from her visit to my house.

“I’ve been to the house. There is one boarded up window but apart from that, it looks externally as you left it. Inside, it’s fine but I didn’t enter any of the bedrooms. The boarded one looks a bit of a mess but the others are still locked. There was a card from the police asking you to contact them to discuss ‘Mr Mel Evolent’ and his whereabouts.”

“That’s awesome mum. Thanks for going round. I guess they are not interested in me which means I can come back and sort things out.”

I was left with a bit of a dilemma now, to return home or build a new life in France starting a business. There’s nothing much waiting for me in the UK.

I feel more confident now and am pretty sure that I could find a job I would like in the UK. My house also needs a bit of TLC having suffered a minor explosion, thanks to Mal Evolent. On the other hand, I’m enjoying the trip and have met a french dog who probably doesn’t speak much English. Pam has also some interesting ideas about setting up a business in France which would be a challenge, as long as I don’t end up cleaning, cooking and making beds.

I’m usualy good at making logical decisions but …. where’s Pam when you need her.

I’d love to hear from you. Add a comment below. Tell me about your stress busting ideas.

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