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Who Is Oliver B Sudden?

I’m pleased to say that we’ve been voted by

Feedspot as one of the ‘Best 100 Humour Blogs’ on the Web.

Thank you Feedspot ….

Oliver is (a fictional) technically gifted but highly socially challenged and a little unconventional. He lives in a curious world with bizarre housemates and encounters people who are uniquely challenging. His whole life is a little odd. He’s like a square peg in a black hole. Once, Oliver completed a personality test which found him to be entirely left brain dominant. The tutor was concerned that he may be so socially unaware that he may be oblivious to everyone else in the room.

Discontented with his job and how his previously happy life had decayed, it all became too much for Oliver. One particular day, he took a life changing decision, walking out from his job, never to return (probably). This blog documents the comic adventures of Oliver Sudden’s life, since this momentous day. It is written by Oliver and documents his attempt to get a meaningful life or at least a job he enjoys.

The hilarious story of what drove Oliver to walk out from his career is detailed in
the short story ‘Oliver Sudden’s Defining Moment’ (only £1.92).

Do buy a copy. It has some great reviews.

Oliver is a fictional character and the blogs are fictional. However, some of the first twenty four blogs are based partly on the author’s real-life experiences. Do you think the blogs can be partly true? Find out at the end of each blog.

Thanks for reading… John Brooke

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